Friday, January 5, 2007

french lingerie

I think women spend too much money on shoes. I think they should spend more on bras and panties. Van Morrison sang, “women walk by dressed up for each other.” In America they do. In France, women dress for men.

French women know the secret of wearing beautiful lingerie. If you’ve ever sat in a Parisian café, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, let me explain. French women are thin. They wear bare legs in the summertime and their ability to tastefully expose colored bra straps is a rare art form. A man’s imagination immediately runs wild. Do the panties match? Are they lacey? Do they tie up the back? Are they silk? or please, God, is she wearing a thong?

Men hail the fact that there are no French words for full coverage bras. They simply don’t exist. French bras push breasts into Renaissance shapes. Half-cups, lace-cups, low-cups, or stretchy-cups. Nipples pointed, cleavage aligned, with just enough lift. To wear French lingerie is to experience yourself in a whole new way. And when you pull on a pair of French panties, it is easy to make believe that Michaelangelo created them just for you. Women’s French panties feel engineered.

I suggest you try it. Women will take notice and men will stare. You may have to practice how to casually slip your bra strap off your shoulder, but I guarantee you, your effort will be rewarded.


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